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non-masonry claddings including metal panels. ... Results of diversified or full scale fire tests reflecting an end use condition shall be ... NFPA 285 accepted components for Enclosure Solutions Wall Systems are provided in ..... techniques , 180 day real-time aging (as mandated by ASTM C578), and a .... Pecora Corporation.

  • T Clear Corp.

    Technical Data Sheet

    T. Clear Protected Membrane Roof System .... system. This is not the responsibility of T. CLEAR CORP. B. Slope. 01. ... LG/HG PMR Insulation panels must ... diversified test. 02. ... ASTM Test for Resistance of ... Thermal Insulation ( C 578-92s).

  • Insulfoam LLC

    Roofing Product Manual

    Tapered A, C and E Panels. 80. Tapered B, D and F Panels ... roofing systems that utilize Insulfoam roofing products. How- .... establishing diversified, state-of- the-industry regional manu- facturing ... a cadre of independent and allied partner -company laborato- .... rene meeting or exceeding the requirements of ASTM C578,.

astm-c578 diversified-panel-systems-inc