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AlumiRamp, Inc. | 855 East Chicago Road | Quincy, MI 49082 ... specifications section applies for A*COM Ramp Systems, which are access ramps, platforms,.


ramp system in 1986 and now offer four .... safe and accessible design. ... ALUMIRAMP, Inc. 855 East Chicago Road, Quincy, MI 49082 800.800.3864 fax ...


The TELESCOPIC CHANNEL RAMP is constructed of lightweight anodized aluminum with a black non-skid surface for traction. Useful for wheelchairs and some ...


AlumiRamp, Inc. | 855 East Chicago Road | Quincy, MI 49082 ... It is a modular aluminum ramp system consisting of ramp sections, platforms, rails and ... B. American National Standard for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities ...


... were designed by the US Government to insure safe and accessible design. ... To meet ADA codes you must have 1 foot of ramp run for every 1 inch of rise. ... As a guide, AlumiRamp Inc. provides sample configuration sheets to assist on ...

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